The Project

The overall objective of the Project is to contribute to improve the standard of living, economic and social development of local populations at the household and community level, by supporting actions in the agricultural, social and economic sectors, with consequent stabilization of the area and the decrease of the vulnerability to the phenomena of poverty and food insecurity.

 The specific objectives of the Project are:

  1. Improving the living conditions of the families involved in the Project, especially in the tehsil of Madyan (northern SwatValley - KP), with particular reference to the female population;


  1. Strengthening the partnership between the institutions of the agricultural world in order to promote better governance and a more frequent and direct contact with the rural communities of the Project area.


The project aims to achieve the specific objectives set through the following activities:


  1. Orchards in marginal hilly areas
  2. Mushroom cultivation at the household level 
  3. Off-season vegetables cultivation
  4. Gender empowerment
  5. Support to Matta and Kabal FCSs