The strategy

The ADP – Swat 2 Project will follow a participatory approach, working closely with communities and local groups and the partners (technical and institutional) involved in the project activities. The results will be constantly verified in the field through the periodic technical and financial reports and a careful monitoring activity.


Within the Project there is neither foreseen implementation of infrastructural works nor the introduction of new techniques and technologies of production.


It is expected to support the local agricultural economy through activities aimed at improving the production and productivity of native crops, known by the local population (amongst others, apple and cherry), through a careful analysis and improvement of the associations and local cooperatives and through targeted capacity building actions.


As in past cooperation initiatives carried out by the IAO in Pakistan (ADP-Swat 1), the technical

training of the beneficiaries will continue to have a great importance.


A certain number of specific training courses in agriculture related subjects will be organized (methods of cultivation, breeding of small poultry, postharvesting techniques, etc.). These trainings will increase the technical knowledge of the beneficiaries directly involved and, indirectly, benefit the entire SwatValley agricultural community.


Particular attention will be given to the training of women who will receive dedicated training, trying to improve their living conditions and helping to ensure greater self-sufficiency from the economic point of view.