Visit in Italy of the local counterparts

A four people Pakistani delegation, representatives of the institutional Project counterparts, traveled to Florence in order to take part at the closing ceremony of the Project. They have been hosted at the IAO Training Center during four days.

The participants took the opportunity to visit two important nurseries in Tuscany (Giorgio Tesi Group and Meristema Ltd.) with the aim of fostering contacts and possible collaborations with the Research and technical assistance Institution of Swat represented by the Director of the Agriculture Research Institute of Mingora, the Director of the Agriculture Extension Department of Swat and the Assistant Director of the University of Agriculture of Peshawar.

Furthermore the guests paid touristic visits to the cities of Florence and Pisa.

IAO Project staff planned all four days stay and accompanied the guests during both the technical and touristic visits.


Final ceremony of the ADP-Swat Program (IAO, April 17, 2015)

The Final Ceremony of the ADP-Swat Program, implemented by the Istituto Agronomico per l’Oltremare (IAO) and funded by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MAECI), through its Directorate General for Development Cooperation (DGCS), was held at IAO on April 17, 2015. A delegation of representatives of local partners from Pakistan, has been invited to take part of the event.

Several representatives from the MAECI made their interventions during the event and, in particular, Mr. Filippo Alessi from the Task Force Pakistan, Afghanistan and Myanmar and, Ms. Bianca Pomeranzi, gender expert. The participation of the public to the event was recorded high. Among others, delegations from the following institutions/enterprises attended the ceremony: Italian Universities (University of Florence, University of Roma Tre, University La Sapienza), NGOs (OXFAM Italy), research centers (Edmund Mach Foundation), private sector, the Agricultural Technical Institute of Florence, Slow Food Foundation.

The Ceremony, organized with the particular aim of giving the right visibility in Italy to the activities carried out on the field by the IAO local partners, was divided into 4 main blocks of interventions. A first block dedicated to preliminary remarks where Director General IAO Ms. Mariarosa Stevan, Mr. Filippo Alessi, Mr. Muhammad Akhtar Abbas (in representation of the Consulate of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan) and Ms. Bianca Pomeranzi made their interventions. A second block, with the interventions of the Project Manager Mr. Paolo Enrico Sertoli and the local Project Coordinator Salvatore Farfaglia, followed by the screening of the project documentary. In the third and fourth blocks, Mr. Marco Vacirca, Project technical officer, Mr. Muhammad Uzair, District Director AED (Agriculture Extension Department, Swat), Mr. Abdul Bari, Director ARI (Agriculture Research Institute, Mingora), Ms. Mah Rukh Qasim Assistant Director UAP (University of Agriculture Peshawar) and Ms. Aalia Khush Bakht Programme Officer IRM (Institute of Rural Management) gave their important contributions to the event.

In addition to the agricultural components, deeply debated in the third block, great importance has been given to the gender component, implemented on the field by the UAP and the IRM. In a complex socio-economic context such as that of the Swat District, the education of women is not always guaranteed and, the success of the training courses on technical topics organized by IAO in collaboration with local partners, can be considered one of the main results of the program.





Closing ceremony of the Program ADP SWAT at IAO headquarter in Florence (April 17th, 2015)

On April 17th 2015, in the auditorium of the IAO HQ, will be held the closing ceremony of the program ADP SWAT (Pakistan).


The program, launched in 2010 and divided into two project phases (ADP-1 and ADP-Swat 2), benefited directly and indirectly much of the population residing in the Tehsils (municipalities) where the activities were implemented. Among the main activities can be mentioned: technical support to the local farmers, construction of two processing plants for the selection and storage of the fruit, capacity building, study tours in Italy etc. During the second phase great importance was given to the gender component with activities focused on capacity building of women residing in the project area.


The event which is a way to spread what the Italian Cooperation realized in the district of Swat since 2010, aims to provide the public with a comprehensive overview of the activities carried out. The ceremony will show the program through the eyes of the local partners, represented by a four people delegation coming from Pakistan, whose role has been of paramount importance for the achievement of the results. 


Program of the event



The Italian development Project titled:" Gender Cooperatives and Hill Orchards"(ADP - Swat 2)" has successfully accomplished its activities, by providing continuous technical support to the rural population of the Swat District of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province.

The closing ceremony was held at Islamabad Serena Hotel last Dicember 2nd. During the event intervened the Director of the Local Technical Unit Islamabad, the Project Coordinator, the technical project officer, the representatives  of the beneficiaries and the implementing partners.

The speakers briefly introduced the activities carried out during 1 year of implementation and the achieved results:


  • Technical assistance to small farmers by local and international experts;
  • Supply of production means: Hand and automatics spray pumps, pruning equipment, agricultural inputs, kits for mushrooms cultivation; innovative packaging for fruit etc.
  • Cultivation of crops: 200 ha of orchards in marginal hilly areas and 30 ha of off-season vegetables;
  • Marketing support
  • Training on the following topics:


-          20 trainings on best agricultural practices for vegetables farming;

-          4 trainings on nursery and fruit orchard management;

-          2 trainings on mushroom cultivation;

-          70 trainings for women on kitchen gardening, quails farming, food processing, livestock management, processing of non-timber forest products, backyard poultry farming, agribusiness and marketing linkages. 

During the seminar, the beneficiaries exposed in a little exhibition space, the dried fruit presented in Italy at the tenth edition of the International Exhibition “Salone del gusto di Torino”.

Participation at the "Italian Day"Islamabad

On December 27, at the Comsats Institute of Information Technology Islamabad (CIIT), was celebrated the second edition of '' Italian day ". The event organized by the CIIT and the Embassy of Italy, aims at spreading the Italian culture through a series of cultural activities.

The Project attended the event in an exhibition space where the activities carried out by the IAO in Swat by 2011 have been presented and the fruit produced by the beneficiaries has been shown. Among the scheduled activities, was planned a conference in which the Director of the Local Technical Unit Islamabad, the local Project coordinator and the IAO Project manager from the HQ, together with the staff of the Implementing Partners, presented the activities of the Project.